New Year - New Smile!

Happy New Year, Everyone! We all know the drill, new year always come with new resolutions. Personal wellness has always creep up on the top of my list, and one of them is a white teeth - beautiful smile. In this post, I partnered up again with Smile Brilliant to bring back my beautiful white smile this year.  **Hint! hint! we have $149 credit giveaway for you below **

A little bit about my background, I don’t have the whitest teeth in the world: I consume coffee daily and I am not the greatest in going to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned up. As a result, my teeth has always been yellow and it’s uncomfortable sometimes to smile. Last year I have tried using Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit and I was able to successfully whiten my teeth after a couple of use, and so this year I am back renewing myself and my teeth! 

How it works: 
If you are new to Smile Brilliant, you basically purchase the kit online (about $160 - you can also choose 3 month installment). It takes about 2-3 days for the product to be shipped and delivered to your house. 

Once you have the product, you will be building your own custom tray with the shape of your upper and lower teeth to hold the gels. The direction on how to create the tray is pretty simple and it is included in the box. Once you create the tray sample, you will send it back to Smile Brilliant so that they can evaluate, process, and send you back your very own plastic tray. The mailer to send it back to Smile Brilliant is included in the box; so everything is easy and ready for you to process. 

Once you have the tray in hand, you will start putting on the whitening and desensitizing gel every night. Make sure to start with a small amount to ensure that your gum reacts well to it, and you can start adding more once you think your body is ready and adapted. Repeat the process every night and you should see a result after a few weeks.

I always go back to using Smile Brilliant to bring back my smile because their product works. I have mentioned it before, for the price point they offer, the kit works like magic compared to other alternative products I have tried like whitening strips, or groupon services. The price point is also very reasonable compared to dentist visit for teeth whitening which typically cost more than $500. 

Getting into the routine for me was probably the most challenging thing with this product. It may be easier to abide to the routine if you have a nightly facial routine, but for me I am very bad 
with the night routine so this process often falls through the crack. Once I started to see results, though, I feel more encouraged to keep-up and this helps. 
All and all, I would personally recommend this product; whether it’d be for yourself or for your family I think this is a great product that will help you bring back your bright smile for the new bright year.

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Happy New Year! Happy New Smile!!



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  1. New Year, New Smile" is a positive phrase often used to express the idea of starting the new year with a fresh outlook and a positive attitude towards life. How Posture Improve In the context of dentistry, it might also refer to the aspiration of improving one's oral health.


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