Up and down - and - up and down. Feeling and energy level these days is like the ups and downs of valleys.

None of these are really external, it's almost like a fight with myself every single day. I always wonder if it's been my issue all these time. If life is actually easy and I just make it complicated.

The thing I realized though is that only my mind can change things, or I can only change my minds to change the world I see and experience. Days where my mind start with fresh happy things are always better than days where I think of bad nasty things. Every morning these days, I try to think happy, think positive, be a better me.

Yes, be a better me. That's what I care for everyday nowadays.  The mind and new soul energy feed me everyday to become a happier and better person. Lilt: to become more lively, to become more.. happy.

Top - J.O.A  | Shorts - unbranded | Mules - A New Day 

Mural Location - Ping Tom Park, Chinatown Chicago 

Thanks, too, my boyfriend - for shooting the pictures!





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