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Ending the previous year and starting a new year allows me to think back about things that has changed and evolved. One of the things that came to mind is how I curate my style and outfit, these days and the older I get, the more I get attracted to classic and timeless styles. I have been gravitating towards classic cardigans, basic tees, neutrals, and I have been super obsessed with this really versatile marble Sier - Arcadia (Rose Gold and White Marble) Watch from JORD. I collaborated with JORD last year on their wood watch and I know that their product’s quality and craftsmanship is top notch, but this year they really have stepped up the game with this dreamy stylish minimalist watches.

From the moment I saw this watch on the site, when the package arrived in my mailbox, when I opened the package, and when it’s on my wrist from morning to night I can’t believe how simple and beautiful this watch is. The box comes in very elegant and high quality, you can really tell something really great quality is inside. It was a breathtaking moment when I opened the box, the watch is so beautiful and precious, it also comes with a gold chain in case you want to switch up the look. When I flip the watch back I can see my name engraved behind the watch, it is just perfect.

It is also amazing how it matches every different outfits and occasions from morning until night. In this post, I would like to share with you how I pair this watch with multiple types of outfit, whether it’d be weekday workday or weekend day out. 

Workday Outfit 
During the weekday, I tend to gravitate towards a very classic black and white monochrome look. This watch is very easy to pair with a neutral black, white, nude color because of its neutral basic color of white. The watch really add to the classiness of the look, and it also helps me looks more minimalist:

For this outfit, I paired up a flowy black and white crepe top and skinny black jeggings. This is my typical office outfit: comfortable and minimalist. I top it off with Sier watch by JORD which makes me look more professional and classic. (Watch: Sier by JORD, Top: Forever 21, Bag: Collette, Shoes: Urban Outfitters).

Weekend Outfit 
I really love toned down pastel color and so during the weekend I wear a lot of pastel pink and lilac. On this post, I wear a pastel pink cardigan and frenchie tee, I then paired it up with mom jeans from Topshop. I had a ton of fun dressing up for this post, because this outfit is so easy, comfortable, and effortless. The Sier watch was just the perfect addition that really makes the outfit super instagrammable but easy to wear.

Instagram this watch everywhere: marble background, furry carpet background, wood background, it is so photogenic it steals the stage. I really love how modern and minimalist the watch looks with this cafe’s table top. 

Overall I am really happy with this Sier watch by JORD. Not only is it beautiful from the front, I am so happy that I could personalize it by engraving my name on the back. I think this the perfect gift for your friends, family, or loved ones, because it shows that you put an effort to the gift! It is also made exactly for you: when I ordered the watch, the website asked for my wrist size, so the watch comes with my own wrist measurement which is so amazing. 

If you are interested in JORD’s wood watches or this Sier watches, take a look at the line of watch they have on the site. Every JORD watch comes with one year warranty and options for returns and exchanges. To top it off, they also provide free worldwide standard shipping! 

JORD has kindly provide a giveaway to my followers for a chance to win $100 gift code to shop on their site. You can enter the giveaway simply by clicking on this link and filling out the form: 
Any entrants will automatically get 10% off any purchase in JORD’s website.

Winner of giveaway will be announced once the giveaway is closed. 

Hopefully you can win this giveaway and get your classic look or share the look with your loved ones!


Wooden Wrist Watch



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