Etinology Stats:

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  • Traffic: 150-800 views (daily), 24,000 views (monthly)
  • Audience: United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, China

Sponsorship Options: 

Sponsors can obtain...

  • Advertisement or squared banner on blog's sidebar (for the length of time agreed)
  • Link to sponsor's business website and product on the post
  • Link to sponsor's business website on my sponsorship page

Sponsors may provide..

  • Product for giveaway in Etinology.com and other social media platforms 
  • Product to be featured or reviewed  in Etinology.com and other social media platforms
  • Payment for putting up advertisement and banner (for the length of time agreed) 

The options above shall be agreed on communications between Catherine and the sponsors.

Because the content of my blog is related to fashion, travel, and photography, the sponsorship and collaboration should be limited to businesses in these categories.

For more information, contact aujongc@gmail.com or facebook.com/aujongc

Thank you for your interest and cooperation



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