[REVIEW] E'thym Collagen Water Moisture Cream

Actually it has been almost a year since I wrote my last review for facial care product. I was doing too much to my face last year (too much product combinations) that around April or May time frame I got a huge allergy on my face, which forced me to check up to an allergist in  La Crosse, Wisconsin. 

Although, even after the allergy I continued some facial products which I trusted for sure. I knew these ones did not cause the allergy. One of them is this E'thym facial cream. I think since my first product review (Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner), I have shared with you that this product is the one that brought me into Korean facial products. Although my first product was E'thym o2 Aura.. not the collagen version.

This product actually came with two fragrances/types: Collagen Water (pictures) and O2 Aura. One is pink and one is blue. Honestly, I really love the O2 Aura one a lot.. a lot better (hydrating and smells better) compared to this collagen water one. 

Before using the product...
I was never one of those girls who care much about taking care of my face. So it was super dry!! super dry!! and I mean it! You can see the dry scales on my face, it was not good. The reason why I picked E'thym as my first trial was the fact that it says O2 and the color of the packaging was blue.. To me it felt like cold and watery; so I thought it can help my skin calm down and

How to get the product?
I got this product from a local Korean cosmetic store. My house is close to one of the H-Mart, and what I like about H-Mart is that it has lots of Korean cosmetic stores! The store sold mostly The Face Shop and Shiseido products. At that time, they are getting rid of The Face Shop products because they are moving on to supplying different brands, so they had the 50% sale and I got this product for $5! Yes, $5!! I bought a bunch of them and so.. it is 2015. I still got some.

How I use it?
It's a face  cream! Simple! I wear this twice a day: in the morning and at night before sleep. Make sure you put this on after you are done with other rituals like face wash or essences. I simply tap a little bit of the cream on my forehead, cheek area, nose, and chin and rub it to ensure it spreads well.

Short Term Result 
Just like putting lotion to a dry skin.. It feels soothing and relieved! Same with here, but with your face.

Long Term Result
I actually have stopped using this since last month. But in general, I feel that my skin is a lot more hydrated and brighter.. fresher!

Would I buy it again?
I would buy the O2 Aura again, not the collagen water. Although now I have used this product for more than a year, I am ready to move on and try another products!

- Cute packaging color that makes you feel soothed
- Gives you a hydrated feel
- Light, relaxing smell, especially on the O2 Aura!
- Not oily, more watery
- Moisturizes skin

- More expensive compared to drug store products (expected)
- It gets pretty boring after a while, I am ready to try another face cream

In general I would give this 4.0/5.0

Hope my review of this product help you decide whether to try this product or not. As much as you can, try to sample this product first. eBay often sells samples of Korean beauty products too (Refer here). So if you think you like it, then you can make the investment afterwards! Please do ask me questions or give your comments about this product on the comment box below! I would be glad to talk and converse with you about this!




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