Dress Your Way

Life is short, make every outfit count

Monday to Friday our outfit is dictated by the occassion: work. You have to look professional, sharp, serious, neutral. To get out of the rules, I always celebrate the weekend as my dress up moment. I like colors, cartoons, fun, statements! So every weekend I dress up whatever the hell I want!!! 

Top - Zara | Skirt - Zara | Shoes - Gosh | Purse - Micha 

This summer I purchased a lot of blue and apparently a lot of Pineapples! To me fruits are very summer, straw material is very summer, and maxis are very summer. They are all the right trend and statement to pour on your outfit at least up until this month!

Like I told you before, I have a larger arm and thigh. To cover these areas, I am wearing longer baggy sleeves and maxi skirt. I picked cropped and open back style for the top because it emphasizes my waist, which makes me look leaner whenever I lift my hands up. The maxi skirt is also high waisted and similar to the top, it allows me to look leaner, not wide and chubby, even though it flares. This is what I found with this skirt, whenever I wear a longer top (not cropped) and tuck it in or untuck it from the skirt, I look chubbier because it hide the emphasis on the waist, I have no shape and baggy plus baggy is no good, unless you are small and you wanna look bigger. So always go with cropped top plus high waisted maxis.

To make this outfit more fun and summer, I threw in my pineapple straw bag to match the fruits on my top. I also threw in blue and yellow color straw wedges to match the color combination and material dynamic. Plus I top it off with a hat, so you can feel a bit of tropical plus classic vintage feel which matches the feminine feel of the skirt. And it's okay if you are not used to playing around with your outfit, you and your personality will get used to it the more you do it.

Wearing a pineapple purse doesn't mean you have to be a childish person. You can also be a fun person. Wearing a hat doesn't mean you have to be a fashion blogger, you can wear it whenever you go out on a tropical trip or simply going shopping out in the city. Don't be afraid and play. You can let your boss rules what you wear on Monday to Friday, but let yourself own your runway on Saturdays and Sundays! Have fun!

Mural Location:
Avondale and Addison (Avondale Area)
Chicago, IL



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