Things I Do Not Regret

Never regret - if it's good, it's wonderful; if it's bad - it's an experience

Life comes with a lot of options and you are served with them from the moment you wake up every day. There are small decisions and there are bigger ones that may impact your life more. As a person, I think I tend to have trouble making decision. If you know me, I like to confirm things with multiple people before I finalize my bigger decisions. Have I regretted anything in my life? For sure, who haven't? But there are things I have done in life that I did not regret either! And now that I write it out, I don't think I have so many things in life that I regret!

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My not-regretting list:
  1. Moving to the US - I don't imagine a lot of people will regret their decision to move to this country. The open mindedness and freedom people in this country uphold, I have learned a lot and I think it has changed me to be a better person. I have once thought that I may have regretted going to school here instead of studying fashion in Paris, but now I feel glad that I actually moved here because I think I can do so much more than just studying fashion. I also appreciate independence more. Culturally back in Indonesia, your parents would take care of you until you got married off. Learning from people here, right now I want to take care of things myself rather than depending on my parents.
  2. Moving Jobs - I have graduated for four years now and I have been in three jobs in three different companies, two different cities so far. I do not think I have ever regretted each move that I have done so far. It seems like a lot of moves that I have done in a short amount of time, but I think it's all the right decision because I learned a lot from each of the hops, and honestly I don't think I would be where I am now without any external move. Move while you are young, curious, and loves challenges!
  3. Going to school in Iowa - I don't know how many people even know Iowa, where it is, what it is, or how many people ever look down on me because I went to school in a small city. Tell you the truth, I do not ever regret it, and it's worth it. I was a bit small hearted in the beginning when I knew I am going to school in a small city, unlike LA, New York, or even Chicago. But it all doesn't matter. Going to school in a small city allows me to find a lot more humble friends and community, allows me to grow more without pressure (not everybody is competitive either about their grade or  family money), and it allows me to save money because the tuition and cost of living is waaay cheaper than in the big city. At the end of the day, after your first job, your school title does't matter as much. It depends on where and how you work on the previous workplace. Note that I had no trouble looking for job, even though I went to school in a smaller college, I was able to get two job offers from Global corporations in big cities before I graduated. It does not matter where you go to college, it's all you that matter.
And the list goes on! 

Things that I regret? Of course I do have but I know this list is a learning for me to move on in next stages of life. Imagine you do wrong in your multiple choice exam, the next time you do the same exam, you will choose the right one, right?

I regret not taking fashion design as my third major in college (as a minor instead), I regret not following my own voice to study abroad in Korea when I was in college, I regret incorporating business into the friendship world, and the list keeps going. But I believe these are all mistakes I have listed in my retrospective page, and me and others will only be better knowing things that have gone wrong and regretted.

Again, if it's a good like my first list, then it's wonderful. If it's bad like in my second list, then it's still a good experience.

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