The Au Jongs

a little bit of crazy, 
a little bit of loud, 
and a whole lot of love

Many of you my readers should know my family by now. If you know and have met all members of the family, you probably realized each Au Jong member has a character, one of a kind personality. In this post I want to share with you what I think my family members are like, so you know me and my family member closer!

Obviously I have a big family. But today I will be sharing with you my close family and family members that are always around me: my dad, mom, brother, grandma, my aunt, and my uncle.

My dad is a special someone. For some reasons, I feel like my dad should have work in the medical industry. My dad owns his own satellite business in Indonesia and day to day he manages his three employees to serve his client. He is meticulous! Whether it'd be his business strategy, calculations, or his own cleanliness! He is the anti bacteria and germ, everything gotta be sterile and clean! Everything gotta be straight and organized! For example last year when he tried to clean up my car, it took him around 4 hours. Note that my car is a standard clean car compared to other American cars. I have nothing or trash laying around my car. Or for him to try on his new pants, he need to stand up on a chair, because he thinks our house's floor is dirty. Fyi our floor got vacuumed every day. Start seeing his character? No, I don't complain. He is my dad and sometimes this personality of him helps us be more cautious! And I am also grateful he is meticulous; I always feel safe travelling or running a business idea with him next to me.

I don't hang out or spend a lot of my time with the mom because most of the time she lives in Indonesia. One thing I learn for sure these days my mom is the selfie stick queen with her friends and with her family. My mom is also an entrepreneur and she owns a pharmacy in Indonesia. Day to day, she also helps my grandpa run a restaurant in his hotel. Outside of work, she enjoys social life and social media! A few years ago during my brother's graduation in Iowa, our whole family sat in the front row (first row) and my mom kept letting out her selfie stick throughout. I still remember how embarrassed my brother was. But she is my mom and she enjoys doing that, so I don't care! I appreciate that she teaches me to be social and always be nice to other people.

Many people, including my boyfriend, thinks that my brother is the most normal Au Jong. But let me show you why he is also a quirk. My brother is really obsessed about soccer, especially his favorite team Manchester United. He secretly has a belief that if he does not brush his teeth, MU will lose their match. Lol he thinks he is that important to MU. I mean its so funny its so cute! I also really love my brother though, because even though he is a quirk like that, he always care to me and take care of me as if he is my older brother. My brother is actually one of the most hardworking family member, in my opinion. He works for the big four accounting firm as an IT Auditor. He always work dedicatedly from morning to midnight, and I look up to him because of that. Note: above is the picture of my brother trying to be a Justin Bieber (made in China).

My grandma, do I need to describe her? She is an ex-superstar (Chinese Marilyn Monroe - wearing Dead Space a.k.a Kate Spade New York Handbag or... maybe Michael Josh - MJ aka Michael Kors). According to her, she was really pretty like a photo model when she was young. She is the only family member that lives with me. We lives in a small two bedroom condo together. Because of that, she is probably one of the closest family member to me. Of course when you live together you've gone through issues, but it helps that she shares a lot of interests with me. She loves fashion and dressing up (does it ring a bell?). I think for some reasons she absorbs the whole family's confidence!! This lady loves to show off her language skill - when she meet Caucasian (bule), she will speak Indo or Chinese language, and when we go to Chinatown (talking to Chinese people), she will show off her English (aish -.-'').  At home she has her ways to do stuff, so she will tell you do A or B her way. But I am glad I live and spend more time with her, because for the most part we share the most similar interest; so it's as if I have a friend and roommate at home. She also cooks for me so, thanks popo! (She may be opening a new YouTube channel soon as she said she wanna be a YouTube star, so stay tuned!)

My aunt and my uncle are something. My aunt is a workaholic, and I don't mean only work stuff.. she is also obsessed about getting everyone's administrative stuff done. This includes hers, mine, my brother's, my dad's, my grandma's, my uncle in Dallas. Sometimes I am scared to look at my whatsapp or email because I may see her new to-do lists for me. She is meticulous about those kind of stuff, chores! So my brother and I have this concept of how far we live within the 'Fie-Dar: Fiefie Radar' which scientifically measures how far away you live from Fiefie; the closer you live to her, the more chores you will get likely. Thanks to her though, she lifted me up on top of all the chores and to-dos. She helps me a lot with schools, job searches, house, and business matters. So she is quirky, but she helps me get matters done. She is also the person who brought me here to the US. So to those friends and readers who meet me in the US, if you meet Fiefie or lives within Fiefie Radar, please tell her thanks.

Lastly, he is the only bule members (caucasian) in my family. If you see bule walking around with American flag, bird, words t-shirt, then you must be seeing my uncle Jerry right there. He is part of our super Asian family, but he is one of the most American person I have met. Like I said, everyday his t-shirt has some patriotic American content to it. Every thanksgiving or national American holidays, he will share his American history knowledge on the dining table to all his Asian family and friends. He is funny, and smart! So like my aunt, a lot of time he gives me insights and help me with my school, job, and my business.

Now you know my family members are something. As you would expect, I am one of the quirks. To be honest, I am quite a moody and sensitive person. In one hour I can be the happiest person, the next hour I will be in tears and depressed. My family members apparently caught this:

Now you know closely what type of people my family is, why we are different, and why we are wonderful people too! Obviously I am bias, but to me my family is one of the best families out there, so I am grateful that I get to spend my lifetime with them. Hope this post allows you to know my family better and appreciate them for who they are. If this post is enjoyable, please thank my family members for being interesting.





  1. Very funny and entertaining!

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