Sunflowers and Rainbow

I want to be like a sunflower - so even in the darkest days I will stand tall and find the light. 

Summer is always the busiest and the most fun season of the year. Every week day I go to work from 8-5, and every week end (well - most weekend) I go to festival to run Micha's booth. It's difficult sometimes to stay on top of things and try to get a refreshed mind. Once in a while I feel depressed and sad, because I am physically and mentally tired - try to be up and going 24 x 7. 

People closest to me, thankfully, have been my source of energy. They are always a support, helping me as much as they can, listen to all my emotions and negative feelings. Sometimes I feel the more I grow up, the more horrible person I've become; It's getting more and more difficult to be positive and respect myself. On the other side, the more I grow, the more I would like to learn how to fix myself and become a brighter person that can contribute to people around me. I wish one day, I can be a strong person that can energize other people like a rainbow. Inside, I would like to be a sunflower that can stand straight and be happy day and night.

Dress from Romwe | Earrings from Micha | Wedges from Nine West

My outfit in this post is really simple - Summer dress and wedges. To spice up the summer look, I braided my hair. I mean, it's functional; I can feel more breeze, but it also add up to the summer feel of the outfit. The details of the dress and the wedges are the main chunk of the outfit: sunflower dress - sunflower wedges. Don't be afraid to wear colors this year from dress, shoes, sunglasses - blue, yellow, green are all essentials. They are not too bright - they are just right. 

Mural Location:
Rainbow - Wood Fence 
Broadway and Aldine - Lakeview, Chicago, IL



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