Wild Flowers

Find me where the wild things are

There are many times where people stare at me weird, times where people talk about what I wear, my personality, and ridiculed my style. Regardless of how I feel about those listed, I am the happiest girl when I wear things that I like, it feels refreshing to me. I like happy things, I like to wear colors, I like cute - unique - wild stuff. I am that girl you see wearing pineapple purse, furry heels, cat earmuffs, and the list keep going. I am out there, in the wild, presenting myself as who I feel I am - challenging the world. I am happy that way, wildly cheerful and colorful.

Dress from Romwe | Purse from Micha | Necklace from Micha | Heels from ASOS

To my eyes, my happy outfit is delightful - interesting to the eyes. My eyes, and that's what I care about. I am a wild flower - free and happy, find me where wild things are. 

This summer, I am all about color, fun, and statements. Off shoulder is still a big part of my wardrobe. This dress, specifically, is my go-to item. Whenever I feel fat and bloated, the dress (bagginess) helps cover my tummy and my arm. I also love how the off shoulder dress helps me emphasize the shoulder and collar-bone area. To me, this is the prettiest part of women's body. To add to the simple off shoulder, I throw in a super versatile pearl necklace from Micha. It's classy and fun at the same time. Top it off, I chose this uber fun pineapple purse, because the outfit needs a punch of pina woven bag (to summerize the look), and a pair of furry blue heels to add some playfulness. Can you feel how different, out there, relevant, colorful, chic, and happy this outfit is? If you can, give me some thumbs up and comment on the section below!

Mural Location:
Museum of Contemporary Arts Chicago (Garage - Side)
220 E. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL





  1. Wear whatever makes you happy, and don't let others change it. It's good to be unique !


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