Wear Wood to Work

Summer to Winter, January to December - Who does not dress up to work?
Looking nice during the weekend is a luxury, but ensuring a professional look day to day is a need.

Today I would like to share with you my day to day work look enhanced by this super cool watch from JORD. This post is sponsored by JORD. JORD is based in St. Louis, they are known for their wooden watch. There are mens' watch and womens' watch, and all of them look very classic, sustainable, and modern all at the same time. The moment you order, you are able to customize the size of the watch to exactly match your wrist. You can also make this unique watch an engraved gift for your loved ones. 

The moment I received this watch in my mailbox, I was so impressed. Each and every one of the package is really thoughtfully prepared. Even the shipping box is very exclusive and sturdy! The surprise didn't end, when I opened the box, I saw this really precious wooden cube, fabric, and pen (to help clean and maintain the watch). Then when I opened the wooden cube, I was like Oh My God, this is sooooo pretty! I saw this wooden watch wrapped around a brown colored cushion. There was also extra wood piece if I ever want to extend the length of the watch. Here is the super cool watch I am happy about:

JORD watch is definitely a definition of quality and art. The product is very sturdy, reliable, and it totally makes my whole look more expensive. Honestly, regardless of what my position is in the office, I need to look good to impress people, and I think this watch does the job. It makes me look more like an executive member. Not only it gives me that oomph, because the watch is so unique, people will look at you and ask you about the watch. Hey! It's a good office convo starter! 

Match this watch with your work look: Blouse/Tanks, Blazer/Cape/Cardigan, Pants, and JORD watch. Because the material is very earthy and neutral, we should not be having issue with styling. Throw all the neutrals, basics, colors, put on the watch and you are ready to go!

All and all, I am happy about this watch: good packaging, good quality, easy to style, and the list keeps going on. Sure, it is more expensive than a Forever 21 watch or something, but I feel that this piece is something you can wear for the longest time and you can wear it for any occasion you want. Even your daily necessity: going to work. So definitely a good investment.

Do you want to get their watch?
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