Pretty in Pink

I am back featuring the Chicago walls again! 

Top - Indonesian Local Brand, Shoes - Indonesian Local Brand, Purse - Charles and Keith 

Life is going along just fine with me. Still trying to hunt murals and walls around the city. I am trying to be more efficient in using my money and it's been going pretty well this year. I budget that I can only shop non-necessary items once a month and I have a budget how much I can spend. I am also trying to lose some weight I gained this past winter: climbing up the office stairs (10 floors) during lunch hour, doing regular exercise at home by myself, and eating more often with smaller portions. 

It's March and so far my new year's resolution has not failed yet. I hope whatever your new year resolution is, still going very well.

Mural Location:
1927 South Blue Island Avenue, Chicago, IL 60608-3014, USA





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