Island of the Gods - Bali

And if all else fails, Bali is always a good idea

Asked myself, how come I've been sharing all the beauties of other people's nations and left my country's stories untold? 

Last summer I went back to Indonesia and had a quick chance to visit Bali. As usual and expected, it's always been beautiful: beautiful resorts, view, yummy food, and fun water sports/recreations. All wrapped in one. Enjoy my story below, my Bali story:

Uluwatu Temple - Beautiful temple by the cliff. You can also find kecak dance, Balinese traditional dance here. Be careful of all the monkeys around! They steal!

Tanah Lot - Another temple on a land that got eroded by the sea water. There is a cave under the rock where a white snake lives. Locals believe that if you touch its head, it will bring you good luck.

Ayana Resort - I should say one of the most beautiful resorts I've been. With all the pools they have!

Elephant Safari - The picture explains it all :) Ride the elephant!

Bebek Tepi Sawah - A must eat in Bali is the fried duck! You get to eat this by the paddy fields as well.

Goya Resort - Super beautiful resort with the view of mountain and forests!

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