Be Red and Happy

Happiness is actually easy and cheap. Why are we making it so difficult and expensive? - Catherine 

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Nerding out with these pair of glasses, making me feel smarter and more Harry Potter - like. I am thinking, life is just funny. Everyone's dream is to be happy; whether it'd be making ourselves happy, or making others happy which satisfies our inner peace and happiness. People like me try so hard to do so many things, many difficult and stressful things, many expensive - extravagant things, to make oneself happy.
When I think about it, really doesn't matter whether I do all those stuff or not, whether I own all those things or not. Happiness comes from within. It doesn't matter that I am poor, if I smile and appreciate the family and friends next to me, I'll be happy anways. If I'm stressed out at work, as long as I smile and think that whatever happens is for my own (and others's) good, then I'll be happy anyways. Other things are extras. Of course there are times where you don't feel as happy like when my grandpa passed away, all my family members were devastated. However, we came to learn there is also happiness behind him passing away; we are happy that he is now in a better place with much more freedom than when he is here. 

My point is... I am a complainer, okay? And I complain so much about life sometimes. I can be easily down and sad and stressful. But I am thankful that in many capacities, my family and friends always remind me to appreciate what I have and be thankful about it, be happy, and smile. Solely with their words and reminder, it helped me be a happy self (at least for the moment) - until they need to remind me again. ha. 

So guys!! Happy Monday, hope you can find happiness even though it's only the beginning of the week ;)





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