Vienna: The City of Love

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Coat - Zara, Vest - Agy Nyc, Purse - Zara, Boots - Primark

Jacket - Forever XXI, Scarf - Forever XXI, Skirt - Forever XXI

Out of several cities we visited in Europe, seems like Vienna is one of the most livable ones. It is very similar to German cities. I heard a lot of good things about Vienna, but in my mind I think some other cities we visited are actually prettier than this city. I am not saying that the city is not beautiful, there are things in this city that is different and special: cakeries and coffee are the two. Definitely had a great time in Austria, our hotel was cheap and amazing, and people are friendly and relaxed for the most part. 
Perhaps if I get the chance to come back, I will visit Hallstatt instead of Vienna. 
Share with me your experience about Vienna, it'd be interesting to hear!





  1. I'm planning a trip to Vienna, would be great if you would chat or write about you recommendations! :)

  2. What a great place, wish i could go there one day :)

  3. Hi Wynne, I would definitely share! Contact my email and we can chat :)


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