Prague: The Golden City

"The only trip you will regret is the one you don't take"

Leather Jacket - Forever XXI,  Leather Skirt - Forever XXI, Purse - Zara

Coat - Zara, Sweaters - H&M, Skirt - Forever XXI, Scarf - Forever XXI, Purse - Kate Spade

After travelling over seven countries in Europe, I would definitely say that Czech Republic's Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited. We arrived right on Christmas eve and rushed to the see the Prague Castle and this Astronomical Clock. The night was super festive and we tried to fed ourselves with trdelnik and gluwein. 

Before I started the Europe trip, a couple of my friends suggested that I cut back on the number of countries I visit and start with visiting only West Europe. But I did not regret my decision because I get the chance to see the hidden gems of Europe, like Prague! 

All the gems starting from Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Spanish Synagogue, and Wenceslas Square - All, even the streets, left me with an amazement. 

So - folks, if you go to Europe, make sure to include Prague in your list! Especially, if you have an ehm boyfriend. Its actually a pretty romantic city!




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