Happy Friday! Friday Evening is my super favorite time during the week. I would never be sick or have low energy level on Friday evening!! Super energetic right now ^^

Top - Micha (It's actually one of the design I made for Micha's Fall collection!)
| Jacket - Forever XXI | Boots - Charlotte Russe 

Living playfully for now. Just take in whatever I can take in. <3 nbsp="" p="">

Today is actually one of the saddest moment in my home country, Indonesia.
Riots going on and violence is everywhere. A group of people burn police's car, throwing rocks and destroying stores/restaurants, people got beaten up, or I heard even some girls on the street got raped. 
My mom told me that it's not so scary now in her place, but as soon as the protesters get up, it will probably get scary again. 
Malls, apartments, stores, housing complexes are all closed for safety. I don't know what is politically correct, but I love peace. I really hope that people use their mind and heart, think about what others feel, and stop the riot. Thinking about mom, family, and friends. Prayer for Indonesia!

Mural Location: 
3156 W Diversey Ave, 
Chicago, IL 60647





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