Blue and White Spiral

Top - Romwe | Shorts - Forever XXI | Shoes - Ash | Necklace - Micha

It's Fall - almost - Winter here in Chicago,but the weather is super warm. It was almost 70F yesterday! Time for some more wall shoots. This time I'm wearing this super cute top from Romwe and my go-to shorts and shoes that  I actually got from Chriselle Lim's closet last year!

To top off the look,I pick this versatile black and white necklace from Micha. The outcome is this casual white and denim look that totally match the color of the wall. 

Ssst... sharing with you guys this but Micha is giving away 2 Daphne Pearl Necklace! 
For more information, click on the link below: 

Mural Location:
2632 W Fletcher St
Chicago, IL 




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