Pay Attention!

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. 

Top - Romwe | Shorts - Indonesian Local Stores | Hat - Disney |
Heels - Nine West 

I've heard people told me I can't do this and that. My style and taste is ugly, or I cannot do design work. I'm sure you've experienced and heard the same kind of thing.
 Pay attention. 
I am gonna prove to you that you're not right. 
We are gonna prove to them they're wrong.

Slowly I want to prove to everyone by being comfortable with being myself and by working hard, I will step further - become what I want to be, become what you told me I cannot do. Better than what you could imagine. I will be one. You will be one, and show the world you're better than what they think you are. 

Mural Location:
1800 N Damen Ave (Bucktown)
Chicago, IL





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