Friends don't let Friends wear Bad Outfits! 

Dress - Micha | Shoes - Forever XXI

What's up with my quote of the day
"Friends don't let friends wear bad outfits" 

So this dress I was wearing was designed by one of my bae, Hilda.
It's such a fun and unique design. I mean, who wears hexagon on their outfit? 
And to top it off, the hexagon even made of Batik! Isn't it so fun? 

How I feel when I wear this dress?
Super casual, unique, and comfortable. The dress is not meant to be body-hugging, so I have a lot of space for movement. The color is super Fall and toned down, allowing me to feel super casual but dressed up both at the same time. Also, as I am proudly an Indonesian, I feel proud to be sharing my culture by wearing it. Having the batik print in the middle totally show off my Indo side. Really glad that I can accomplish all these by just wearing this one dress. 

Thank you. Hilda, for letting all of us feel great by wearing your design!

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