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How many of you are excited for summer? I am super excited, because it is June here and it is probably the first month this year that Chicago finally receives some heat! Yay Chicago (oh by the way we just got some hail rain today)

Changing to a new season means new set of wardrobe, right girls? Oh yeah! Oh no to wallet ... Thankfully I have been approached by to do some collaboration work which is exciting! I didn't know about dresslink before, but now I do get introduced to the store which sells super cheap and fashionable outfit! I'm so excited to share with you in the future a review of their product. As much as I love life in the US, sometimes I really miss some of the really fashionable and unique - Asian type of - outfits. I feel like a store like Dresslink can really fit my need in this.

I would like to share with you some items in my wishlist from

You know this summer I have been starting a dieting work where I always try to take stairs instead of elevator, starting to eat more veggies and fruits, also try to cut down on carbs. I am going to be ready to show off my body! This white top is perfect for me to pair up with a short edgy skirt and high waisted short, rocking that touch my body beach look. Oh don't forget the sunnies!

The relaxing, elegant, beach girl style with this long and asymmetrical skirt made of cotton. The summer is going to feel so elegant and comfortable at the same time. I have seen this new maxi skirt almost everywhere in Indonesia. I hope the style will soon be big in the windy city. 

If only I am a bit taller, I really would like to rock this Greek Goddess like with this very inexpensive dress from Dresslink. Curl my hair, redden my lips, and wear a cool earrings. Seriously all eyes on me...

Like I mentioned earlier, I am a big fan of unique clothing. If you follow my blog for a long time you also probably noticed that. Although this year, I am more into a simpler style and clothing, when I saw this dress I just felt it, love it a lot. The simpleness and flow of the dress - the embellishment on the top. It is perfect! I would wear this out on a hang out day during summer time. Go sexy and cute.. and elegant! 

Pretty much sums up what I mentioned above about having a sexy, elegant, cute, unique summer look. And the prices is like.. seriously? can you really find this cute of a dress for less than $10? 
Sexy is not expensive, girl :)

There you go, you have my summer sexy wishlist from What do you think? Overall I am amazed by how cheap the price of the dresses can go. I am waiting for the product I ordered to arrive and I will write up a review on the product. Meanwhile, which product do you like the most? Which one of the above do you think I ordered and will review? Let me know what you think and let's create an elegant sexy summer look together.

Love, always. 




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