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Hi readers! welcome back to This time I would like to share with you my life story and thoughts as someone in their twenties. I also want to share with you 'of course' my outfit of the day. 

I am in my twenties and it seems like lately I have been suffering from the twenties crisis, that's what I call it. Basically the twenties crisis is the feel of insecurity and dissatisfaction regarding your life; whether it'd be your dream, your current status, your relationship, or simply yourself. Moving to a bigger city like Chicago and being a part of a bigger community makes me feel like a smaller fish in the pond. I started to feel curious if I am in the right path, if I am as successful as others who are the same age as me. I started comparing myself to others around me in terms of many variants I consider important. I don't know if you are facing the same thing if you are in your twenties, but I did my research. I googled around 'How to be successful in your 20s?' - instead of getting solutions, I read a lot of people sharing the same situation like me, basically the feeling of insecurities and disappointment after looking at others' situations. 

Well if that is what you are experiencing, don't worry - you are not alone! I am currently struggling but occasionally my support system would tell me first.. stop comparing yourself to others! We are all different and the only thing we can compare to ourselves is our own goal. Start creating a goal, dream - oh! try not to make money as your goal. Many articles I read stated that if you work hard on your dream, money will come by itself. So, second we should create our own goal. I started to think that I cannot justify getting a job because I only like the money, but even with less money I can justify working a job if I love what I  do everyday. Just a little tips for all of you people in the twenties! 

Today I went to the museum in Chicago, museum of Science and Industry. I consider this museum as the most interesting museum I have been to. I loved most of the exhibits, except for the fact that my boyfriend easily beat me in the mind ball game because he could better manage his focus and relax :( For this occasion, I wore a casual and comfortable outfit with cute necklace to touch up the look. Refer to the reference below my first picture for information about what I wore. 

Necklace -, Top - Worthington, Shorts - Forever 21, Sandals - Zara, Vest - Forever 21

The necklace I wore today was a summer collection from, an online store that my friends and I founded last month (Check it out!). The product is called Azalea Flower Fashion Necklace; it is very pretty and popular - and it is only priced at $12.33. It is definitely one of my favorites from the store. 

Oh by the way, Micha Store is hosting a giveaway event this month. Refer to my previous post for information about the giveaway. We hope you will be the lucky winner for the giveaway. Trust me, the necklace gift is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s! :)





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