Brush Away Hatred, Welcome Love

Drama.. drama.. drama.. Seems like after I quit watching Korean drama, I just experienced so much of a life drama. Man, if that is the case I would rather just go back to my room and start a new Korean drama all day.

I'm sure you have experienced drama in your life, where you heard people talk bad about you and perhaps even you talk bad about other people, too. Same here - not too long ago, I heard something not so pleasant about myself from a group of friends. I was really shocked because the rumors or 'life drama news' came from someone I hardly talk or care about. All I knew was - oh yea that person or oh yea that is what the person do and that is it. Even occasionally I praised the person for whatever good things about them. So, if you could imagine - I was real.. shocked. 

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If you can imagine and perhaps experienced, perhaps the first thing that came into your mind is to slap the drama makers' mouth and just hate them. Yes, it came naturally - I mean come on.. we're human at the end of the day. I felt the same.. but after having a thought for a while I thought why would I be the kid that don't get it: if I hate them, they hate me, it is only going to take away positive energy that I have that I could have used to hike the Himalayas. Yes, I was disappointed.. Yes, I was sad.. but through the experience you got introduced to the real world: who is really kind to you, who you can trust, and you will never make anyone like or feel happy about you- no matter how good you are to people there will always be haters.

Of course up until now, I still feel awkward and sometimes I feel a little bit mad, but I learned in this matter, be an adult. Brush away hatred, seriously it will make your life a thousand times lighter. Welcome love! Spend your time and be good to people who are good to you. You can even do extra credits: do good things to people who talk bad about you. Maybe you don't know you enough, maybe they need love and care from you. Give it.. It will make you feel better and become the better person. If your life is a Korean drama, you now become the main character.

I know it's tough: I'm not completely there, too. But let's start to become a better and more accepting person. You know even if you have haters out there, you will still have your family, support systems like friends, and God. Good Luck!


Catherine Au Jong 



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