My Family

Initially I was going to write and tag this post as 'my support system', but after I think about it I think it is better for me to call this post 'my family'.

I have heard many stories from my friends about what motivates them, what drive them nuts, what depress them. After hearing stories, often time I feel glad because my family let me grow well independently. Let me explain to you what I mean by this.

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It seems that since I was little, I am never really forced to do things the way I should have. A lot of babies are forced to eat or drink milk, when they grow up they are forced to eat rice (Asian). When I was little, I was taught to ask for things myself: when I was hungry I would ask, and I asked my family for rice. Unlike other babies, I turned out to learn and adapt myself. For example when I was young, my mom often drove to my grandma's house with me (no baby sitter). At that time I was less than 5 years old. She told me she was amazed that I sat on the car chair quietly, unlike most babies back in Indonesia which would mess up with stuff in the car or cry.

As I grew up, I saw many of my friends/relatives got beaten for doing something that their parents think is not right. My whole life, I never got beaten and I learned the soft and right way that things I do is right: I do my school work, I don't smoke, or drugs. etc. I found kids that grow up learning it themselves without any hard bruise may grow up better and happier.

Do you know my family? If you don't you only need to know how great they are to me and to other people. They care about you and most of the time they motivate you to the best of your ability, so you get out of the shell. They try to understand us, young people, and how we would behave to parents. They don't tell us to study study study, but they also appreciate what we do to the society. 

Not too long ago, I just pulled the strings. When I was in high school, I was super lazy and I barely passed high school. The first time I landed in the U.S. I had no intention of doing well in school. It was merely trying to be that cool kid studying in the U.S., shop, and chill. Good times yea! But then I arrived at Fiefie (my aunt)'s house seeing a bunch of awards from her college, hearing that my uncle is a 4.0 student in college, and my other uncle graduated with multiple hard majors - now working in a great team/company. My family never told me I need to graduate with a 4.0 GPA, they did not set or speak up their expectation for me, but after I saw all that I thought I shouldn't be the failure in the family. They have set the bar high, I need to follow. Because of this, I gained my motivation to graduate and do well at school. 

Another salute is for my aunt to call me everyday (almost) in college. I always complained to her how difficult the classes are. Even when I told her I got a 'C' in my first Oral Communication exam, she never told me I am useless or stupid or whatever you call it (being the Asian stereotypical). She always said "you'll do better, I'm sure you can do it" then "if you can't do it, then your classmates won't be able to do it, too", always reassured to me that everything is going to be alright and I will do well. I think those words are the power behind my motivation. If a flower is about to die, fertilize the soil and water it. In this case, the words are like water and fertilizer. 

So, after my long lecture! All I want you to know is how powerful a family can be and how powerful family's words can be. It doesn't need to be family, but you don't motivate people when you say one is stupid, they need to work harder. The word stupid is deep and hurtful, you don't know if one may be stuck with the word and eventually sink. Of course you want to remind people to get back on track if they aren't, but make sure you do it the right and mature way. You want to motivate people in a positive way, with words that reassure that they CAN do it. Let the motivation be found by themselves, all you do is water the flower. Hope this helps you if you are currently on your way becoming an angel and motivator for someone!





  1. Lovely outift! I like both your top and skirt~


  2. Great outfit! I really like your skirt! :)


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