$10 Everything? Really?

I was approached by 10DollarMall to do a collaboration. I was curious initially becuaseI never heard of them before let alone 10DollarMall; so I opened up their site www.10dollarmall.com and looked around. Okay, so before I started talking and elaborating about the store, let me introduce 10DollarMall to all of you.

10DollarMall is a U.S. based fashion retailer that sells apparel, (topsbottoms,plus sizejacketsintimates), accessories, and shoes.  The company is located in California, but most or all of the sales are done through their site, www.10dollarmall.com. All the items sold in the site is $10 or less. Surprised? Yes! Me too! Okay, now let’s go into the detail what I think about the store.

The $10 value is something that is shockingly good to begin with. Where else can you shop fashion items where all cost equal to less than $10. You may say, you bought a t-shirt for $7.99. Yea, but can you really get some hot cute pumps / heels for $10. I don’t think so!

The only thing I think should be improved from the store is how the product is presented which is a reflection of the type of product. . When I browsed through the stores, I liked several of the options, primarily under the dresses category; not so much on tops or bottoms. Some of the items have too bright or odd of a color, that the wearer may not look as elegant or expensive (Which I don’t blame them – they are selling their price competitiveness – aka budget, discount store or cheap clothes). Perhaps another thing that may help the store is make sure the clothes fit right with the models. A couple of photos shows the dress is too big for the model; so the products may not look as pleasing. If during the photo shoot, the clothes are pinned or made so that it fits the model’s body, I believe the product will look nicer on the pictures.

Cool thing about the store, they are located in the U.S. Sometimes when you buy a package from Asia like Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, have you ever wondered when your package is going to arrive.. It’s been a month already! Now, being 10DollarMall located in the U.S., you should be able to get your lovely package sooner, which is good. I would really appreciate that!

Dig through 10DollarMall’s site and really explore. 10DollarMall offers you 20% off a single item if you sign up for their newsletter. So, there you get even better deal! 10DollarMall also changes their inventory often and it replenish very quickly, so if you are planning to buy an item, you better pick it soon, because it can be out of stock anytime!

You can really use that $10 for pretty things you find. I’m getting my pink bow heels up there. It’s so pretty! And for $10?! That’s a no brainer!





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