A Pair of Beautiful Eyes with Iris Lashes

Hi all, I am doing another collaboration work with now Iris Lashes! Actually the owner of Iris Lashes are both my school friends, and one was a close friend of mine in Indonesia.

Iris Lashes is an Instagram-based online stores that sells natural hair lashes marketed to ladies in Indonesia. The way you order is through Line or WhatsApp only currently. However, they occasionally have a booth in an event like last time in Grand Indonesia, so you can meet with them through event like this.

Some of the products they offered include: peony, daisy, rose, tulip, and lily. These products have different thickness and length. Depending on what you prefer, you can find lashes for daily wear or you can also find lashes for party nights. Based on my searches, seems like the customers really like the product because it is really natural looking and light. 

The product price varies depending on how many box you purchase. It is Rp. 30,000 for 1 box (~$3.00), Rp. 85,000 for 2 boxes (~$8.50), and Rp. 140,000 for 5 boxes (~14.00). They are reusable, so after you wear it, you can store and reuse it again. 

Iris seems to have a very good name already in Indonesia. Many popular public figures are wearing Iris Lashes daily or for photoshoot. Some of them include Han Yoora (YouTuber) and Silvia Siantar (Fashion Blogger).

Get your pair of beautiful Iris eyes from Iris Lashes' Instagram here: https://instagram.com/irislashes/
Share with us what you think about the quality of product and service from the team. And lastly enjoy your beautiful pair of eyes.





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