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What's a better way to represent summer other than color festive? I have been looking for many summer dresses these days and I am buying all sorts of flowers and colors. Blue is the color of the year for me; from dresses, shoes, bags, and nail polish I have been picking blue all the way. I don't know about you, but for me every time I think about color my mind imagines candies and pastels, so yummy. 

Coincidentally, I was approached by Apparel Candy this past summer for collaboration. Looking through their site, I was so happy! So let me introduce to you who Apparel Candy is. To my knowledge, Apparel Candy is a U.S. based online fashion retailer and wholesaler (wholesale clothing, wholesale dresses); so basically you can purchase their items per unit or per package. They sell all types of fashion as well as beauty items from clothing, accessories (jewelry, handbag, sunnies), and beauty products (nail polishes, and make up items). One thing I was also amazed of  was how low the price they charge for each item. Dresses for each unit is priced at less than $10 ($5-$6), this is rare especially considering some of their items are made in the U.S! Apparel Candy can be a perfect choice for you who would like to purchase high quality product for yourself or for resale as they also is a wholesaler. 

In this post, I want to share with you some of the favorite items I found on ApparelCandy's website:

This pastel pink cutout dress really stood up when I was browsing around Apparel Candy's website. I saw it looked really unique and the design is delicate. The peplum on the dress also finishes the look really well. Overall the quality of the fabric looks comfortable and good quality. For it being priced at $8.50 each and $51.00 for 6 items, I think it is definitely a steal. 

The top actually shows a little bit of mint colored gradient even though the main color is white. It looks really elegant and chic. The thing I like about this pair is the fact that it looks simple and casual, but chic and presentable at the same time. I can wear this to school, to work, to a hang out day and it would fit right in. 

Blue Woven Strap Bag ($7.50)
Another steal I caught in Apparel Candy's website. The bag's structure and color hues make one think that it would cost more than $20 to grab. In Apparel Candy you can get this item for $7.50. You can pair up this bag with any colorful or white/black outfit you have for the day and it still looks cool. One versatile and cost efficient bag, it is. 

Overall, I liked Apparel Candy's website and products. The products are very nice, have good quality, pocket friendly, and fashionable, too! Visit ApparelCandy.com to see more of their products and share with us what you think about their product, your favorite picks, and if you order from them let us know how was your experience. 

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