The Perfect Match

On this post, I am reviewing a product that comes from Born Pretty store is an online fashion retailer that sells fashion items like clothing, but they also sell watches! A lot of fashionable watches. Actually after I received this item, I went to their site and bought some more watch and phone accessories. What attracted me to shop there is the fact that: 1. Their items are so cute and so inexpensive, 2. They provide 10% discount, even after the fact that the original price was inexpensive to begin with, 3. Free shipping!! Man, if you shop in an online world, you really bow down to free shipping stores. It's just amazing. Oh! If you wanna get the 10% discount, check the banner on the right hand side! You only need to enter CATHERINEAC10 during the payment process, and it will automatically deduct the 10% off of your total. 
Anyhow, though, I'm trying to review this product for you. I got a really cute red watch, that I initially thought would be perfect for many kawaii-cute looking styles. Here is the link to my red watch ($9.09)! 
Check out their watch collections here --> Women's watch
Honestly, I did not expect much. I am not a fan of watch. I, myself, always use my phone or laptop when checking out time. But I think today, watch is not really worn functionally. It rather is used for aesthetic purpose, fashion, accessories. The package arrived in about a week or two, and I am located in the States. When this guy first arrived, I was really amazed on how much effort was put into the packaging... Overall, for a watch with its price I think it is worth it. It is really cute and trendy, the presentation was thoughtful, and when worn it really compliments the whole outfit. It was the perfect match for either dresses, denim, and you know pretty much everything. I have worn it for about 3 weeks now, and it is still working and the material has not scratched yet (oh you know I do not take care of my stuff well, but it's still in a good condition). 

Watch - Born Pretty Store, Denim Jacket and Shorts - Forever 21, Top - Japan, Shoes - Aldo, Hat - Unbranded 

Overall, I think the watch is a great addition to my accessory wardrobe, since I really like and embrace the cute-kawaii style. I often wear it; yea, it is a great addition to my style. Now I know what time it is now without checking my phone (even though I always do), and I have more accessory to decorate my simpler looking outfit. And I would recommend taking a peek at BornPrettyStore. My favorite section is actually their watch, accessories (hat, hosiery, and scarf), and the phone accessories!! I am ordering a pluggy for my phone and it only cost me like $0.99, seriously.. free shipping even. Just blow my mind. If you want to check it out click on Samsung Cases, iPhone 4/4s Cases, or iPhone 5 Cases. Alright!! Hereby I'm concluding my review for BornPrettyStore and the cute red watch! 





  1. Aaaaaaaaa loving the whole look!! I love the way you put red touch in your outfit<3<3

    1. I nominated you in Liebster Award 2014! Make sure you check it out in my blog!

  2. wow what an adorable watch, and your smile is so pretty

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