Simple thing that brightens your day

Today I totally changed my day from grumpy to happy just by.. dressing up. You know I only put on make up twice in a week.. That'd be on Saturday and Sunday. And lately I have been obsessed with Korean cosmetics. I mean it's so awesome. The face cream is so watery, not sticky or oily at all. Another favorite of mine is the aegyo sal - cute eyes maker. You know what I just learned that you can make such thing about two weeks ago. 

Yesterday I just got this headband that I am wearing from a small Korean store in Hmart, Niles. I think it is really cute, and I started my dressing up habit just like that. First I decide, what new thing do I need to wear today? Cute headband? Alright! Now I have determined today's style is kawaii! (well I think most of my styles are kawaii style). Then I decide what color and top will match this headband style and next what should I wear to match the top. As for shoes, I often look for style and color that will match the whole outfit. Most of my shoes are not classic types like pumps or oxford. I love the weird ones. Today I was wearing the transparent Dr. Martens look a like. Last fall semester, my teacher asked me what fashion item do you want from this season. I told her 'transparent boots'! And now, I got it. Many people have complimented this pair of shoes. I mean you don't just see it anywhere... They also come in different colors, and mine is yellow. Lastly, I put on accessories like necklace and watch that will match the whole outfit and put on my regular make up (I don't have many make up variety since I am a newbie.. so.. yea only one type). 

Top - Mangga Dua, Skirt - Mohair Pear, Shoes - Ebay, Headband - Korean store, Watch -, Necklace- Charming Charlie

If your day is sad and you are doing nothing today, you should definitely try dressing up. Go to your closet right now and see what stuff you can play with. Make a yummy look and put on some pretty make up on your face. Do take pictures and share it on your social medias. Make a conversation with your look. It is really fun. Honestly I felt so depressed since last night because of an accounting research assignment that I need to finish tonight, but as soon as I dressed up this afternoon I feel so happy and I keep taking pictures. ^^ narcism rocks. Anyway! Good luck and enjoy dressing up! Do share with me the looks you create!




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