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I am watching a drama, older Korean drama called Operation Proposal.. Basically a story about a guy whom in the present life regret seeing the girl that he has been loving for 20 years marrying another guy, his coach. He then met a time conductor, who allowed him to go back in time and confess to the girl, many times... but it was even hard for him even though he knew what the future will be. This drama teaches me that you only live once, and so use all your confidence and energy to always pursue what and who you love. Every choice comes with regret, but which option will give you more regret?

Today I was inspired to simply be awesome and confidence. Giving a thought of how to live my life to the fullest.. Simply being confidence that I can do it! The outfit was rather comfortable, not so much pleasing my body, but it is fun. The sweater top was very warm and .. cool isn't it. It is actually a size bigger than my size. I love oversized sweaters. I would compliment my cool and simple looking sweater with a more elaborate pants. This was not a smart decision for me; I have big thighs, so actually the best way to work it out is wearing a darker colored and pattern-less pants. Patterning my thighs just draw an attention to it; so it's no good. The extra accessories on my shoes, bow, and necklace are just adding more assortments to the simpleness of the sweater. Overall, this outfit is simple, comfortable, but elaborated/accessorized. 
Sweater - Forever 21, Pants - Forever 21, Bow - Forever 21, Shoes - 
Unbranded, Statement Necklace - Charming Charlie

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. My aunt came today and helped take my pictures. Thank you very much. I haven't got the gut to put my camera on my tripod outdoor, since last time I did that and the wind blow my camera.. and I lost my 50mm. *Cry.

Anyways! Have a good MLK day y'all!!




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