Lovely Pink

When I was little I was one of the tomboyish kid who would only roller skate, I won't care what I wear just after-work t-shirt and bell shaped jeans. All my t-shirt colors are white, just different pictures. I used to hate those girls who liked pink, just too many people love pink. Then I grew love towards red color. When I was in high school, I only would like to buy clothes with red color; red was the only color that popped into my eyes when I was in stores. Now, I am more neutral I don't have favorite color. But I found that pink is really pretty. It can show the feminine, lovely, and cute side of a girl. Amazing color. 
Today I wore this Burch dress that I love a lot. My mom got it for me. I love how the colors are looking like a cotton candy. I also wore a blazer that I got at Cache Cache, Jakarta. Shoes? Of course I didn't wear that shoes to the office, but it was a gift from mom when she came to the States last may. Cute, but not one I would wear to the office.
So I populated my room already, you can see the background, still kind of messy. I got to see my sewing machines again. Yay! Hopefully I'll get to work with it soon!

Outfit tips for career girls: I have a huge thigh and arm.. That's why I always wear skirt and blazer/cardigan to the office. Skirts tend to cover the big thigh look one has. And so does blazer. Plus they look pro!!





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