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Today I am becoming a college student again, this time not business student but fashion student. Of course, not full time. I feel really happy to be at a college again, there's such young and exciting atmosphere seeing new students, new semester, new school. It's just amazing. Of course work is amazing, too, being in a more serious and professional world, developing and growing our skills. Both, I love. 

Talking about fashion now, today I felt so tall in the office. Good thing the people I saw today were mostly tall so I didn't feel that giant. I was wearing a top from forever 21, blazer from Candies, and skirt from JC penney.
This morning I was such in dilemma. Before I decided to wear this blazer, I planned to wear a pink sweater.. hot pink sweater. Thinking, ah too much strong pink I felt really uneasy (to the extreme). And guess what? It was 91F out today. No way I am wearing a sweater. So I took my thought back and revert to a thin blazer and it was so comfy too. I thought the color matches well, complimenting one another through playing with its hues and brightness. See how soft and vintage-y the top look, and how modern the bottom contrast to the top? I really feel happy and confident about this outfit. Except for the shoes; I was worried people will keep looking at my shoes and ask me why I wore such high heels. But I passed the test cause no one did!
Alrighty! Time to brighten up my day (that's what I say to my family, if I wanna watch Korean drama after the stress I've got).




  1. cute :D

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