I don't work for Navastar.. I work for McDonald's!

Sometimes what you wear can mean what you say, it can start a conversation or stop a conversation. Yesterday I went to my office with:

The day before I was in my apartment office wearing a badge and the lady was saying, "you work for navastar?". I said, "no, I work for McDonald's!.. corporation". So the day after, I was trying to put together some McD inspired outfit. Perfect collaboration of peplum top that I got from JcPenney + red pants I got from G2000 + a yellow blazer that mom got me from Zara. Put them all in a chunk, I was kinda shy at the beginning coming to the office... will people think I'm a Ronald McDonald today? definitely not. In fact I started a lot of conversation with people in the office who caught ' the mcdonalds color ' yea!

So don't worry, speak it out what you think in the office. Sometimes that what allows you to get more friends and state your mind... If you look back through my blog I actually did McDonald's inspired outfit as well.. About 2 years ago when my blog was still like a rocket!

But anyway! Gotta go eat some Hanguk Food! Yeay!

See ya!




  1. Hey long time no see c;
    I pretty much chuckled about
    the title :P you look lovely
    the colors really suits you!


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