Corporate Fashion 101

So this is my second week working for McD's corporate headquarter. I am so enjoying picking an outfit to wear the next day. Mix and match to make it professional yet fashionable. 
Based on my one week of corporate outfit experience, it is always truly great to own a pair of pointed toe shoes. A lot of career women in my office always look so elegant yet professional with those on. Well yea, the pointier it is the more elegant one looks. But be careful don't make it too pointy or they will think you are a mosquito! (ya, crispy joke). I got mine recently at Aldo. Their shoes are awesome! It is really strong and comfortable. Don't forget to add some of the traction thing on the bottom of the shoes. It'd be embarrassing to fall, especially in front of the pros. 

Next is a white dress. Within these seven days I have worn white dress soo many times (aka 3x). They are so versatile, you can always add on many accessories and colored cardigans or blazers. Plain awesome! I got mine in J.C. Penney long before summer break. They are just so comfortable. And since mine was so plain though, I simply added a simple black and white belt from forever 21 my favorite store! 

Lastly, a blazer is a must! Starting this summer I have been collecting blazers of many colors: green, yellow, peach, nude, brown, red, pink, and many more. It makes us look sweet (with the color), symbolizes a feeling or personality (happy, gloomy, bright), and still maintain a professional look. I got my navy colored blazer in Indonesia, in a store called stradivarius (hope I didn't misspell it). 

Anyhow, try to always put on neutral color together and put a little bit of young bright color. Depending on your jobs of course! If you work in fashion corporations you probably have a lot more flexibility in dressing up. But if you are a lawyer or public accountant.. probably not? So give it a try! and share the link to your picture/ blogpost with me! 




  1. Anonymous8/13/2013

    Wow u look awesome with ur professional outlook. U a truly fashion person.


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