I'm a Real Deal Now!

Well~ that was a long idle wasn't it? So here is the shortened version of 5 months idleness..
I was finishing my 19 credit hours load of my senior year, hardly slept during finals week stressing over my mom coming to the states! And finale~ graduated with honor summa cum laude with a GPA of 3.95! Yay to some B's I got from my accounting major!
Then the US road trip began from Chicago to LA, LA to Las Vegas, Las Vegas to San Francisco and back again to LA to fly to.... Japan! Got to spend some awesome but sick solid 5 days in Japan then went back to Indonesia for 2 months. And the reason why I have not been posting is because 1st month I didn't get any internet at home. Well once I got it, it was crazy slow and I was so into kdrama that I stayed home a lot but just watch 10 dramas over the summer. How awesome is that? Not awesome at all.....
Then I got to go to South Korea for about 8 days: Jeju island, Nami Island, Mount Sorak, Seoul, and then Busan. The best trip ever in my life, cause you know I am sorta kinda a Korean wannabe and I just felt so awesome that I can talk and live like Koreans... South Koreans to be precise.

Finally Catherine came back to the States and become a real deal now since now she is no longer the kid whose parents fed.. but I am a career woman girl now! Yaaay! I am working as associate support platform analyst for McDonald's corporation.. Geez kid.. not flippin burgaa but I am doing IT jobs for the corporate headquarter! So today was my third day .. hm second day in the office. And I just wanna show you my humble-simple outfit I wore to the office today.

moschino dress - forever 21 blazer - aldo shoes

Oh wow! I have abandoned my dinner for about 20 minutes!!! I gotta go back and warm up my food *again*.
Well see you in my next 'professional' post!!




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