Color Blocking, Work's Amazing!

h&m top, forever 21 skirt, runway hat, gosh shoes, belt. 

I have skipped so many days not posting an outfit post, but don't worry you will see it. My body is adjusting to working people's schedule. Working is not easy, but if we enjoy it time goes pretty quick! I am posting my outfit on color blocking while I want to share to you my experiences this week as well.



Indonesia versus US. Wait! They are so different! Working back in my country is like when you are regular employee, you don't really talk and chat stuff like life with your boss. In workplace here, at least what I've experienced, you talk with your boss treating them like regular human being. I mean isn't it great when everyone is treated the same. This intern has helped me communicating, these days I've been more talkative to people around (even though I am already did ;p ), but I became more confident of myself regardless of age and position.

Some of my avatars: (shoes from my mom in Indonesia, my love - my bike : cathy pie!)


Making mistakes. Oh yea! Woohoo I made 2 mistakes already in just a couple days. But best thing is now I am more aware and careful of what I am doing. I was nervous, not until I consulted to my aunt and she told me that everyone tolerate mistakes. I didn't know that in the workplace, too, people learn and make mistake. But the point is not to do it again. But since I did it twice, I learn to learn from mistakes :) not to just let mistake happen and that's it.

Taking this intern, though, opens my eyes of what workplace is, especially being a web designer. Somehow I feel like this job is awesome, I mean I might love this job. But as much as possible I'm still trying to be open to different options and experiences. I am trying to be versatile to be able love my life while also succeed. I want to try being an accountant, being a fashion designer, editor, and many more.


Oh life, you are so beautiful. (Even though I am still reading my intermediate accounting book every night, here I still have 10 minutes to take pictures of myself too! :)) )




  1. Wow! Pink and yellow is my favorite color combination and you did it so well!!!


  2. Oh wow, I love it! totally in love with this outfit! Gorgeous shots!

  3. Mix and match! nice colors! I love everything about it!

  4. Anonymous5/27/2011

    i really loooveee your outfit!!

  5. great outfit :)
    i love all of your shots , and great place <3
    you look cute :)


  6. You did a great job color blocking! The pink and yellow is so bright and summery. Your outfit even matches your bike! So cute!

  7. aw you look so cute!!! love all the bright colors and those shoes are awesome! :)

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