Intern Day


For the first time I've seen an office or a company that care about their employee that much. Today was my first day working or I'd say interning in PFGBest in Cedar Falls. It is a trading company that trades stuff like foreign exchange, stocks, bonds, and many more. I did not know that much until I started working today.
Well, I am working for the IT department learning and making websites (web-developer).



Thanks for my aunt, Fiefie, because of her help and connection I can get this great internship.

First time I came to the office I was overwhelmed, oh by the way this is the picture of the office building. Again, this is my second office after CEEE. And both of them are the top first green offices/buildings in Iowa. Wondering how God really wants me to be green, huh? (jk).

They have a very huge, modern minimalist and environmentally friendly office. I came in like a dumber that didn't know anything, was waiting for my boss. And she gave me tour around the office. One word I'd give "bimagination" (beyond imagination). I couldn't believe that they provide daycare for the employee's kids, fitness and workout facilities and shower, breakfast and lunch in cafetaria all for free. And PLUS PLUS - free refillable beverages. I feel like these employees are being treated very excellently.



Talking about my work experience, I feel that I have learnt a lot today. I didn't finish much work and still feel not so confident actually, but I have seen the real working environment, making connections, learn how tiring work can be, and once I read something interesting in the manual saying something like in success you do not please, but you do the right thing and the best. Just like what my dad said yesterday, best workers aren't those who please the boss, but rather those who excel and try their best to help the company reach their goal. While company also should help employees develop their abilities and experiences.

It is amazing! And I am still worrying about my work tomorrow, I always and would always pray I will do better! and always better than the previous days. Keep moving and be better.



  1. good luck for your internship :)

  2. Love your outfit so much, good luck darlin!

    xx - Lera

  3. Heck that's amazing, sounds like a great place to work or intern!

  4. Excited for you!! You have great insights and the right attitude of working! keep it up!

  5. I love being an intern. We can learn a lot from internships(:

    The building looks awesome.

    Good luck!;D

    Dreamy Princess

  6. congratulations on your first day of internship. you seem to have worked very hard. :)

  7. good luck!

    and i'm extremely close to where you live haha, i'm in iowa now as well, in Fairfield (:

  8. cute outfit! good luck with your internship and have fun too :) hope you have a great day!

    love, M

  9. Hi sweet!
    Goodluck for the intern days.. You looked adorable! <3

  10. all the best for your internship :) experiences are the best guru :)

  11. I love the colors!!! you're a color blocking genius!!

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