regular gloomy sunday

I really love biking, I have been biking the whole week! Especially in this town, it feels so great and relaxing when the wind is blowing. Unfortunately today it's gloomy. But still I will do it anyway! :)
I am going to bike to groceries and enjoy the long weekend. 
How's your weekend? I can't believe I just passed the whole week of working and next week I am going to be working for only 2 days because I am going to Cedar Rapids for a student program from McGladrey, one of the big five accounting firm! I am so excited! 
h&m top, unbranded pants and tank top, alloy clogs, mohair pear glasses, forever 21 accessories and bag





If you are having a great weekend, GREAT! If you don't or if you do :) I will share it anyways, some funny stuff we made during weekend, here they are:

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  1. Thank you, you have a pretty clogs. I think I will let myself get one :)

  2. love the top and the shoes!

  3. Hi!
    You look so amazing with that cropped top. And, you have an amazing clogs. Really.
    And, good luck for everything you have to do. All the best!

  4. thank you !

    i love your clogs <3
    lovely outfit ,as usual :)


  5. your outfit is just perfect as usual. You are so cute with your glasses and your t-shirt is amazing.. :) oh and i love biking too ;)

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