sytling the tradition

Wearing batik has been a pride for me since I come to the states, or maybe since batik was famous in Indonesia. Even though most of my batik are not the high quality one, I am still proud as it is really eccentric looking. Pairing batik and some darker colors is a good idea and that's what people usually do. 

While wearing batik (the fabric of my top), there are two perception the look can be: soft and strong. What do I mean by soft is feminine, soft elegant looking. However, as my personality is more to strong styling, I love doing edgy styling on batik.

Batik itself originally come from southeast asia region, and officially stated to be Indonesian. How they made it? wax. They put wax on a fabric then fill it with colors so some part are different in color. Unfortunately, these days not all of them sold in the market are original (made of wax), most of them are now printed, hence somehow we might have lost the originality of Batik.

batik top, forever 21 jegging and jacket, bamboo boots, belt from mom, flower pin from eva diva!


In my opinion, you should not be conservative while styling the batik. So far, I have not seen any people pair batik in different way. Most  of the time it is worn as it is, including me. But I hope in the near future I can see more creativity and emphasis put on batik. 



Done with batik. I have a problem I want to ask. I have a non-traditional fabric assignment and I am struggling with my fabric, do you have any idea what material I can use?
Non-traditional fabric: fabricating materials that are not fabric.
i.e. pop can with wires made as dress, spoon and ribbon as hat, etc.

Well hope you have a great weekend!

Catherine Au Jong



  1. I love the print of your dress!

    The Flower Girl,


  2. Will you help me? Tell me that I have to buy shoes.

  3. wow your belt is great!! and the dress ... just perfect :)

    xx, tany and nati <333

  4. gorgeous batik, and your new header is so pretty <3



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