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So today there was a Chinese New Year celebration on my campus. It was fun, especially I really loved the food they provided. I decided to wear qi pao (cheongsam) that my mom bought for me when I was back in Indonesia. Qi pao is very pretty while it is also very ethnical. 

I am personally wearing it as an art, rather than trying to be one. I love the pattern on this dress, so much. And luckily I got this very pretty flower hairpin from Eva Diva too.

dorcas-qipao, prettyfit-shoes, unbranded cardigan, goldheart and forever 21 accessories



For me, wearing and being is two different thing. Racially I am Chinese born in Indonesia, however I would define myself as an Indonesian. And wearing qipao does not make me any Chinese. Even though I am proud of the Chinese culture, I really love where my heart belongs to. 

Sometimes I hate it when people told me I am not Chinese. Well, glad you say it out loud as I said I define myself as an Indonesian. However, it is pretty pathetic for me actually.
It hurts my feeling when people said I am not Chinese because I cannot speak the language, I don't look like one, or those sort of reasons. They are heartkilling.



Personally, I am not claiming at all, really I am true. I just don't want to hear those stupid reason.

  •  First of all, why am I not speaking Chinese (though I understand people's conversation ;p ), that is because I was a lazyass when I was in highschool. I did not want to learn mandarin while most of my friends are taking extra courses for these.

Why do we need to take extra courses? Ah! there was this political crap happened around 1960 ish I believe where speaking, utilizing name, and practicing Chinese language, culture and stuff were prohibited. Hence, most Chinese immigrant who moved to Indonesia need to convert their names, not to learn mandarin at schools anymore, and we did not practice Chinese new year for quite a while (but now we are more liberal). Therefore, I lost that tongue that my grandparents do have. And I use english name instead of my chinese name: Ou Yang Li Feng

  • Second.. why I hate it when people say I am not one because I don't look like one. Think about it, your face is not only shaped by your genes, ladies and gentleman. Environment : weather, activities, and so on they can modify your look. Being in a tropical country surely turn my skin darker and change how my feature is like. Well now that you know it right?


by the way.. this is just for fun video of me dancing with qipao and heels:

Again, I am really not claiming. I really do not care what people say as my friend told me. If you question yourselves just trust yourselves who you are, who do you think you are from your own heart and thought. 
Don't let others piss you off :) I am wearing and being: art - wearing an art and being an art... for me.

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. I agree, people can make stupid judgments so quickly! It's frustrating. You are the only one who can define your identity, and nobody else.

  2. that's a very pretty cheong sam =)

  3. that's a very pretty cheong sam =)

  4. I'm 100% with you about those judgements! however, you look so pretty in that cheong sam =D

  5. pretty dress :) happy chinese new year!

  6. Anonymous2/06/2011

    I love this dress! And you are so beautiful! I am following now!

  7. so true. you souldn't think to much about what people say. you're the way you are and that's good. by the way. you are soo pretty.

  8. heyyyyy me too!! i couldn't speak chinese but is planning to go to china learning the language after I graduate :)
    my pho pho often make fun of me lol and many relatives too hahahaha
    at least I'm quite good at english. :D
    anw, nice chongsam. i don't even have one as i think it's not too comfy ? maybe next CNY i will wear one :)

  9. btw just watched your video :D :D
    funnyyyy and nice dance!! you did it nicely :) :) :)

  10. oh it's cute!!! don't worry about what people say!

    happy lunar new year!!

  11. Sometimes people are small minded.
    Anyway happy belated lunar year!!
    Danggit I love your cheong sam D:
    I should have worn one aswell...


  12. (nice dance cover of Miss A aswell! Omg you danced on those high heels!! x)

  13. Anonymous2/06/2011

    Wow, that qipao is so pretty!
    Happy chinese new year! :)
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  14. thank you! you are beautiful!!

  15. I approve of this post. While I don't think the clothes make the (wo)man, there is something to be said about wearing aspects of your cultural heritage to express your views about your identity.

  16. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I really appreciate your thoughts.
    there are so many words that can kill ones identity, yet we need to be strong!


  17. you look gorgeous!!


  18. Happy Chinese New Year!!(:
    You look lovely in that qi pao!(:

    P.S: I can't speak Chinese too! (just a little xp)

    Dreamy Princess

  19. u look so nice with the dress.. and xīnnián kuàilè...:)

  20. Love your dress.

    I agree with Chanelle. You cannot allow anyone but yourself to define your identity.

    xx- Lera

  21. beautiful chong sam !
    you look gorgeous <3

    and answering ur question
    yes, i'm from jakarta :DD

  22. love your shoes!!!

    xoxo from rome
    (there's a GIVE-AWAY on my blog)

  23. What a gorgeous dress.. Love the floral..
    Lee x

  24. pretty cheongsam :)
    happy CNY

  25. i like your cheongsam, so exquisite! to thyself be true, don't let others affect you ;)


  26. Super cute red heels!

  27. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!nice blog and posts!i love your outfit posts!!
    looking forward to seeing u on my blog as well!!
    kisses from greece!

  28. Anonymous2/07/2011

    great post! you look stunning! x

  29. cute dress, i have one of those but i definitely don't look as good as you do in it :)


  30. Hehe, your dance is pretty good dear :) And you looks like really enjoy it :)

    Liz Secret Rendezvous

  31. Anonymous2/12/2011

    WTH. You do look Chinese ! I think you look super Chinese. Anw, you're v pretty and cute =)

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