won't give you a sight

Snow is pretty, like cakes in the morning and makes me feel like a fairy. I'm so happy to be awake this morning and see beautiful sights.

So many things can make me happy this morning, even two times falling down on the snow and twice hitting stuff. It is just something, something that has not come back and I have been waiting in the past few days.

I don't even know what that thing is that makes me so frustrated, partly lazy. I would sorry to my friends and surroundings I might not be able to give you any sight until that thing comes to me. My spirit, most probably.


I got this really nice top with ties at the back of the top. Ruffles and wrinkles. I feel like fairy, feels like Victorian girl. Too bad it's winter, it is hiding like my spirit. Where is it? :(


Another thing I really love, my new bangle is a gift from one of my best friend. I really like wearing it because it matches almost all color. And it looks elegant.


Sorry, my post.. It's still about it. Again, still about my mood and my laziness. I still haven't got it til now. And I am so worried about my studies, about my life, about my friends and family. 
I lost my mood, lost my spirit.. yes, the beginning of semester

and so I would sorry again if I won't give you a sight for.. maybe a moment... or if.. I hope it is not permanent. 

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. Anonymous1/11/2011

    That top sounds adorable! Although it's hard to see the details you're describing because of the brightness

    xo Sherrie

  2. natural beauty! xx

  3. I love how the photos came out, they are so soft and dreamy. You look so pretty girl!


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