I'd rather look funny than sarcastic

Finally after some days, I have been dragging myself to study and be a little bit more diligent. I have finished some writings even though I still leave my readings behind. If you know me, blaaah! I hate reading so much. I would curse thick books, they are too much!

Today I've been walking the first time from my apartment to campus. It was a long walk, about 30 minutes walking, as soon as I arrived, I turned to crab. Super red cheeks and nose, unlike rudolph who only has red nose. Walking back home was tough, I thought my face would freeze and so I decided to smile. So that if it freezes, I will always smile. I don't want it to be grumpy, it's ugly!!

My today's outfit is not quite me. I mean, I am more into pastels and yah, you say cutish or whatever. But today I've been combining stuff that are not so familiar to me like jasmine pants, flower top and that puffy jacket.

unbranded top and pants, forever 21 shoes, mineola jacket, mom's belt, bonia watch, goldheart bangle from my friend

Early morning is always so frustrating to me. Thanks God today's outfit works. Though the elements are so not me, but they have successfully cooperated with me, at least for today ;p. Just that messy hair, sorry for that. It's just not the day I care about em.

So far I have done quite good job with winter fashion. Even though it looks funny, and weird. Well, I stated: I'd rather look funny than sarcastic.
Life is too short to be grumpy ;p so, let's smile and say "WHATEVER!"

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. Anonymous1/13/2011

    Your outfit is so fun, eclectic and edgy! I love it. Especially the belt!

    xo Sherrie

  2. Love the pants! :) nice mix and match :)


  3. your shoes are amazing!



  4. great outfit, totally love your jersey harem and shoes <3


  5. Haha these photos are really funny! I love your header too ;) !

  6. Anonymous1/15/2011

    I love your blog!!! And your outfit!
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    let me know what you think!


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