it is the beginning that seems like an end

forever 21 turtleneck top and belt, unbranded cardigan boots and pants


The beginning of this semester seems to be a lot tougher. With 6 classes and snow, walking from apartment to
campus was the worst. After such nice break and emotional end of the break, I have been so pale and moody

It is exciting, though, to begin the class. Especially the textile and apparel class that I really enjoy. However, seems like something is not quite right, like powerless not so in the mood. 


Beginning should be a resolution and seeing classes are getting harder I should force myself to study even
harder than before and do things right on track. Never be afraid like what my uncle Jerry said just study hard and do your best and the result should not be a matter. What ever will be, will be :)

At least, hard work will less likely bring regret, I suppose.

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. cute outfit!! love your cardi!!

  2. I love the combo esp. the cardigan! may you have great winter =)

  3. Anonymous1/11/2011

    cute photos there, and love this outfit

  4. Aww you look so great, that snow looks like fun! Mine already melted :(


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