Just because it is sunny

I saw a snow this morning! I hope snow is coming soon, I really miss it.. the times when we play snowball fights
so fun.
I'm still here facing tons of exams, and now I'm going to get going to finish my photography assignment
I am kind of satisfied with it! I will share it soon when I get all done.

These days I really enjoy editing pictures using PICNIK. they are awesome!! ~ besides picasa of course.

wearing: plaid top from mom, tank- zara, jeans- giordano, wedges-target, sunnies- seattle

These days I've been so excited about my dream and future, I've never expected it to come so closely to me
Being in college has made my dream approach me (or me approach it) even closer. 

Oh well, this is my post for today, need to go to photography lab!

Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. nice outfit!
    first pic is awesome btw ;]

  2. simple and very chic! love it :D

  3. nice outfit! Love those heels you are wearing, and good luck with your deams!!


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