Spend Less - Look Great!! (Tips for college students)

As for college students, it is quite important to dress up and save some pocket money for the future.
I learned from my past experience that spending money on clothing and fashion related stuff is really easy, looking good while spending a lot of money is easy.
But if you are just willing to face a little bit challenge, you will be better: spending less and looking great.

Some of the tricks:
1. Budget your monthly money, how much are you going to allocate for clothing.

                  Cowl Neck Sweater (Forever XXI)   $19.80          Maxi Dress (Forever XXI) $10.99

2. Give yourselves a present, only and if only, you meet your goal.
 For example: "I am going to give myself a shoes if I get all >90 in my exams this week"

                 Metallic Flats (Forever XXI) - $8.99                    Wedge Booties (Forever XXI) - $32.80

3. Look for the sale section of a shop first, because even if it is on sale, most of the time they are still good stuff.
Keep your eyes on!!! You will be able to get more in the future if you try it!! :)
I've been watching them since they just came up

n.b. ssssh! Top shop has a quite nice sale!! >.<, same with 75% forever 21 sale
                      Shoulder Bag (Forever XXI) - $11.99         Sling Back Wedges (Forever XXI) - $12.99

The most important thing is not buying new stuff for every outfit, but try to experiment and combine the elements that you have and make it a new creation.
It does not have to be the best 'ever' one.
The best outfit does not come from the brand, neither the designer. But since it is your outfit, make it you, let it you that shine... not the brand... and not the price. 
Let your idea stand on the stage.

These are my thoughts for now. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Catherine Au Jong



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