Damn Dust!

You might be wondering.
why 'damn dust'?

unbranded long sleeve, denim, belt, scarf, headwarmer, socks and legging. alloy clogs

By the way these days I am so into lipstick.
They are pretty, I've never realized it because my mom always put orange lipstick on me
so I always assume that lipstick is ... just regular stuff.

I've been trying glitter pink, red, and black
They are awesome stuff
you should definitely wear it during photo sessions

've been wondering if I should get white backdrop for daily photo taking
or find prettier spot
my apartment has became more populated with crap now.
and for my next photography assignment: digital photography
I want to do fashion photography.

with different style!

Have u checked forever xii's website? There are 5 cool bloggers there:
you should definitely take a look!

I'm just done with 3 big stuff happening this week: Metaphor pictures critique, MIS access exam, Decision Technique quiz.
3 more exams 1 assignment to go.

Damn dust made me felt bad for submitting pictures with heavy dust on it!




  1. cii! blognya bagussssssssssss! love it :)

  2. love your clogs babe

    thanks for your sweet comment.


    keep in touch babe!


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