you are in wonderland

Best for halloween, 
to be who you are not. To be different.
But the MOST important thing, is to bring THE CHARACTER INTO YOU!

"Hello, I am Alice.. do you know where am I now?"

So this halloween I decided to be a committee in ISA halloween party,
and I was responsible for the decoration.
This is me and my photospot idea, painted by me and several other friends:

Coming: >200 people . To the party
The music was awesome, the dance was amazing, Everything was so nice
I felt so amazing last night, still in those atmosphere til now.

Here's the hardwork of ISA members to hold the event:
Decorating since 4 hours before the event started.
And the backdrop? Don't asked.. We spent 2 days to paint it

The costumes I like! :

Random Pics of FUNs.. :

(roomies :) )

Not only that! Me and several friends danced THRILLER for International Student Promoter
inviting others to join!

YES, Alice had tons of fun.
I really enjoyed a night of Alice in Wonderland
Now I have to get back to THE REAL LIFE!

Hope halloween went well for all of you.

Catherine Au Jong for Etinology.



  1. AWESOOOOME! love your costume!

  2. am envious, looks so fun, plus your costume are adorable <3



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