Mermaids and their fins

Today, is a very busy day.. at least for me
I had quite a high and low time

But I enjoyed it a lot, just my windows 7 installation pissed me off!!

yeah, that's what I did today

wearing: Old Navy bikini -- on sale $1.30 each

I am not a good swimmer, but when I was a kid 
I took a swimming course and extracurricular 

I had a bad experience with swimming

I drowned in the water
and asked for help~

I couldn't take it.

but FEAR is not the one that people has to fear about.

If you FAIL and stop, then YES you FAIL!

but when you FAIL and TRY ~ and TRY .. 
there will be a starting point when you are gonna be SUCCEED. 

"FAILURE is the language of SUCCESS"
-Catherine Au Jong

don't ever fear of failure, fear of dream, 
let it speak to you about your success. 

we're swimming with our fins and we are mermaid
play with it and give them the chance to be precious.

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. nice one, loving underwater pictures, what camera did you use?


  2. i want my underwater camera!!! :(((((((( how can i get one?



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