I just declared my major today... and accepted in College of Business Administration
in my campus

(sorry for the bad quality pic, my camera ran out of battery)
wearing: dress-zara, pants-unbranded. jacket-black rivet, accessories: forever xxi

I declared my major as finance management
as you all know.. (probably)

But I am thinking about double majoring in accounting now..
my family said.. perhaps it is better to have accounting + MIS (Management Information System - computer stuff)

But.. actually I like finance better than MIS.
since I was in HS I hate it when the comp screen brought up ERROR! ERROR!
so I decided not to take computerish gibberish !!~

well... If you're me
will you pick something that you like better? or the one that will be better for you?

My anwer is:
I don't know.. that's why I ask you...

This week I am writing an article about CEEE in my university helping HS in Iowa 
to lend out materials so that students can take their hands down to 
experience the stuff related to efficient energy sources

I constructed the energy for a racing car yesterday
with WATER!!
it was lots of fun!!

I'm proud of My University!!!

Catherine Au Jong



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