Eva Andersen

"One shoe can change your life" - Cinderella
This is the quote I saw as soon as I entered my friend's room.

Her name is Eva Andersen. I believe I made post about this princess before!
Oh well, I was in one class with her last semester, astronomy.
Probably you guys thing, "Poor thing... astronomy?"
ya ya ya.. I know! But an amazing semester resulted in friendship

This weekend I went to her house in Centerpoint Iowa.
It was such an amazing atmosphere there, her family is really fun!
That's why she is like a STAR!

Talking about Eva, we might not want to miss the discussion of 
Steve Madden - This is actually her DREAM shoes 
that we met at Dillard's today!

This is Eva, she is a communication major that did an internship in 
Entertainment Tonight, LA!

She also has a blog which is filminginstilettos.blogspot.com
It's about her internship there in LA

Apart from that, her career still goes on.. She is going to be aired in Jay Leno's 
show soon, so 
Today we went to a mall in Iowa City to help her get some KILLING outfit for the air!!
Because it's an impression, important!!!!

We found Forever 21 store!! Yaay finally there is a closer Forever XXI in Iowa!!
and I adore the SHOES the MOST!!

I almost went barefooted the whole walk in the store!

the problem with those is that my leg looks so bad with those ankle boots. 
They are in trend tho :(

They also have this real cute accessories. OMG
I really want to own a store like this in the future!

Today, ANN TAYLOR LOFT also has great deal
They have 40% discount for all purchases!

Cool stuff that EVA DIVA found:

1. Jessica Simpsons Electric Blue Suede Pumps

2. 'SPARKLE' Coach Purse

3. It's the thing I found in Clearance section: BCBG Platform sandals

Then we went home for Alex, Eva's brother, birthday.

It's a really fun week! 
I really love it

Can't wait to post my next post tho :)

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. your friend is so pretty! love the blue pumps and your shoes :)

  2. I'm a shoeaddicted! Gosh, how I love shoes so much!!><
    Your friend is a lovely girl and she has greatest internship!(:

    Wow, the hats and those shoes really make me drooling................

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~


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